Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update #2

 I've made several changes to the list, so check them out and see if there's anything new that you want to participate in.  Here's what I've done the last couple of months:

#177 swim in the ocean
Okay, this one actually should have been on my last update since we were at the beach on vacation.

#70 read The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
This was another historical fiction book by the same author as The Big Fisherman.  I liked this a little better because of its unique perspective.  The main character is a Roman soldier who helps to crucify Jesus and then wins his robe when they cast lots.  It shows his journey as he goes from guilt over his role in the crucifixion, to trying to discover what made Jesus so different, to his conversion, to his influence in others' lives as he realizes the complete transformation that has taken place in his life.  In his words, "I can't go on as if it hadn't happened...But I know I have a duty to perform.  It is not clear-what I am to do.  But I couldn't go back to living as I did-not even if I tried.  I couldn't!"  That's the type of conviction & passion that I want to have so that it influences every part of my daily life.  

#128 take a roadtrip with Holly
Don't worry, no life-changing lists were created on this roadtrip!  But it was another fun trip up to Wisconsin.  While we were in Madison we had dinner at The Dane, went to the farmer's market for spicy cheese bread & fried cheese, visited the magic shop where Holly worked this summer, and had fun hanging out with Holly's ultimate frisbee posse- Dan Bock, Asian Holly, & Secret Colin.  Then we headed to Milwaukee to hang out with the Hansen sisters (no relation to the Hanson brothers).  Sunday we...

#160 tailgate at a Brewers game
went tailgating at the Cubs/Brewers game with Miranda and her family.  Holly & Miranda have been friends for years and this was my 5th trip to Wisconsin, so it was great to finally meet Miranda's parents.  And it was my first Cubs game!!!!  Even though they lost to the nasty Brewers (Lily's words), they made it exciting at the end.  Miller Park is a great place to watch a game and it was a lot of fun to finally see the Cubs play in person.

#264 give away 20 pieces of clothing
Yeah nothing extremely exciting about this.  I've been piling clothes up in my closet for quite a while for this one.  I saved them up for my mom's friend so she can add them to the next garage sale for Samaritan's Purse.  If you ever have clothes or anything else you want to donate, Jan Willman will be happy to store them for you.  : )

#239 take public transportation
I went up to Chicago on a little day trip with my friend Ashleigh and got to have lunch with her brother Chris, his girlfriend, and my college roomie Shannon!!  Took a little ride on the red line of the L so we could...

#161 see the Cubs at Wrigley
root, root, root for the Cubbies!!!  Okay, so I was cheesing for this picture, but I was totally this excited the entire time I was there.  As I walked up the ramp into the ballpark, I think I heard angels singing.  We had seats with a really good view of the field.  Being there and seeing the ivy, watching the players up close, singing the 7th inning was everything I thought it would be.  We saw Tom Ricketts (owner/chairman) and best of all, they won & I got to sing "Go, Cubs, go!"  This was definitely my favorite thing I've done so far!

#270 do something that makes me uncomfortable
This is by far the hardest thing I've had to do.  I was interviewed at all three services in church as part of a Modern Family series they did.  (a Biblical look at families, but realizing that in today's church, families don't just look like the Cleavers anymore- there are single parents, blended families, adoptive families, etc.)  I talked about what it's like to be a single woman in a church with lots of couples and families.  A big part of how I have made connections and BridgeWay has become like a family in the last 10 years is working in the youth ministry.  So a lot of what I talked about was my high schools kids, which made it a little easier since I'm so passionate about them.  I was super nervous before every service, but I'm glad that I forced myself to be stretched and to do something outside of my comfort zone.  However, public speaking is not going to be on the docket again for a very long time.

As a little teaser for the next update, I may be posting about guns & butchering.  : )

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  1. That's great. Totally makes me want to go to a Cubs game. And good for you for getting out of the box at your church. When I was young, recently wed just out of college, I tried starting a small group bible study at our church for our age group (at that time), we often get lost amidst all the families. Great Job bringing attention to this group, and giving insight. Thank you!