Sunday, April 10, 2011

and so it begins...

I do not write.  I do not blog.  But sometimes events (see: roadtrips to Wisconsin with my sister) can change a person.  This blog is a result of a harmless remark I made to Holly about wanting to set some goals for myself this year.  Since she has a list of 30 things to do by the time she turns 30, she decided I needed a list too.  However, since we had 6 hours in the car together...

my list became 300 things to do in my 30s.

Due to the fact that we were in the car for so long, Holly's creativity/goofiness had plenty of time to come out.  My list became a random mix of things I've wanted to do, books to read, places to visit, ways to stretch myself, and just a bunch of miscellaneous, fun, and silly ideas.

So this is basically meant to be something that gives me a little direction, and will maybe entertain you along the way.  Feel free to chime in with any suggestions you may have, as this can always be tweaked some since it covers the span of 10 years.  : ) 

I'm giving Holly final say on whether or not an activity actually fulfills one of the 300.  She has also allowed that anytime I can complete 15 things off the list in one day, I can cross off something that I can't/don't want to do.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me!


  1. i feel like i have so much power right now. it's giving me a little bit of a rush. yessssssssss.

  2. "Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space." J/K. I love this idea. And I can't wait to see the adventures to come.